How To Wear Silk Scarf
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Silk scarves embody classic romantic elements as well as modern fashion features. Women love silk scarves because it makes them feel elegant and beautiful, especially since silk scarves are launched in Europe and America. For its aesthetic design and innovative compositions of the patterns, Hermes is very famous. The famous wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in the early 90s was combined into fashion through an artistic silk scarf produced especially to commemorate the event. Silk scarves can be worn in many unconventional ways and are not only used on the head or hair. There are many ways to tie silk scarves. 

 The neck defines the grace, the elegance and the beauty of women. If a silk scarf is used to decorate your slender elegant neck, you could be even more beautiful. If you wear a low-neck shirt with a large collar, choose a similar or strong contrast color neck scarf. Tie the scarf around the neck lining with the outer edge of the collar so the neck scarf can outline the line of beauty. A soft oblong scarf can highlight an masculine suit. You can decorate the scarf inside the collar so the scarf can partially cover the suit collar. When combined with a quality short hairstyle, it will look great. Do not neglect scarves when wearing a collarless suit. You can select two scarves: one is similar in color and the other one is contrast color. If you want a natural and interesting look, layer two scarves into a collar.

 Many accessories are sophisticated in the fashion world like triangle scarves which plays a major role. The tying method is: fold the scarf into a triangle shape and wrap it surrounding the shoulders, chest and back; the two ends are fixed on one side of shoulder with a pin and the other side of shoulder is wrapped by the scarf. In order to show off your beautiful figure, wear a natural hanging silk scarf that moves with the body.

 Neckties are not just for men and the neckties made of silk scarves can bring a modern concept to women. The scarf can be folded oblong and then tied into a knot. A scarf goes well with something like a pretty but simplistic shirt, so as to give the scarf something to offset and contrast perfectly while it's covering the neck. The loosely tied scarf gives you a flying feel in the sky and feels more confident.

 Unadorned necks when wearing tops with very simple collars, exposing collars, or no collars at all can result in feelings of imbalance in your outfit. A butterfly knot in a silk scarf will take up the slack needed and shows the art details. The butterfly knot makes you more attractive if matched with a plain style dress. A trim suit can perfectly go with a butterfly knot which is tied from a small silk scarf; however, a large scarf goes well with a loose fit outer wear. 

 In winter shawls are used as scarves which will be larger in size. Shawl style scarves can be hung from the crook of your arm, or atop your shoulder, whichever you prefer.

 Silk scarves are the right choice of waist accessory for ladies because it shows your slender waist. If you want to try something else instead of a usual jean belt, tie two similar colored scarves together to make a belt. Enhances a personal style and a sense of trend.  
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