Handmade Silk Shawls & Silk Scarves - 8 Reasons To Buy Handmade Shawls & Scarves As Holiday Gifts!
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Everyone loves a unique gift, especially when a lot of time and thought has been put into it. Handmade gifts are often one-of-a-kind; so there is a pretty good chance your special someone won't see twenty or more of the same gift on a rack at Macy's or Nordstrom's. Your special someone will feel just that, special. Maybe even one-of-a-kind.

 1. Handmade silk is the most lustrous and luxurious of all natural textiles. If you want to make that special someone feel like a million bucks (without breaking the bank) buy something silk, like a gorgeous hand-woven silk shawl or silk scarf. 

 2. Handmade silk shawls and silk scarves are beautiful and luxurious. They can bring any dull wardrobe back to life. A vibrant silk shawl or silk scarf can transform an ordinary shirt and jeans into something stylish and extraordinary. 

 3. Silk shawls and silk scarves are a fun way to get creative and express yourself. Wear them around your neck, tied around your waist, or over your shoulders. You can wear them as head scarves or bandannas, or even tied around a hat. Silk shawls and scarves add luxury, style, color, texture, sensuality and playfulness to virtually any outfit. Handmade silk shawls and silk scarves are such beautiful and intricate works of art that they can even double as table runners, bed runners or wall hangings.

 4. Not only is silk the most beautiful and luxurious of all natural textiles, it is also the strongest. So if you want to buy that special someone a gift they will never forget, you better make sure it doesn't fall apart three weeks after the holidays. Silk is the strongest natural fiber; stronger even than steel. That is one heck of a strong scarf.

5. Handmade silk shawls and silk scarves are meticulously woven by hand, which means that an actual human being has shared their traditional handicraft with you. Each hand-woven silk shawl or silk scarf tells a story of an artist's local culture and individual talent. When you buy a gift for someone you love, while also supporting traditional artisans around the world, your gift just keeps on giving. That is a special kind of gift. 

 6. Silk is breathable and absorbs moisture, so it is warm and cuddly in the cold months and cool and comfortable when it's hot. This means that your special someone can feel beautiful and luxurious all year round. Another way your gift just keeps on giving.

 7. Give the world to the one you love. Handmade silk shawls and silk scarves are hand-woven in exotic places like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Nepal. Silk weaving is a traditional art that reflects the spirit and culture of its land and people. Spread the love all around this holiday season!  
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