Three Secrets In Preserving Wool Scarf
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In cold winter, how could we repel chill while still being cool in appearance? The answer is . On winter fashion shows, models are frequently seen posing with a woolen or a cashmere scarf around their necks. Boomed by its popularity among fashion designers and celebrities, wool scarf has been enjoying growing liking from ordinary people. While walking on the street, it is cool to have a wool scarf wreathed around the neck. However, like other wool items, a wool scarf is difficult to preserve. Besides, a genuine wool scarf is usually high in price, so it will be a big loss if it is ruined for poor preservation. Then is there any secret in preserving it? Of course there is.

 Firstly, a wool scarf should be subject to dry-cleaning, or it will shrink and thus cause damage to its quality. Or if you wash it by yourself with water, don't twist or wriggle it. After cleaning it, wring out the water and put it on a clean towel to dry up in the room rather than expose to the sunlight. When it is already dried up, iron it gently to make it smooth.

 And the next secret lies in its storage. As genuine cashmere scarf is consisted of an animal protein fiber, it is prone to bristletails. Therefore, it should be properly stored in place where is dry, ventilated and free of such insects. In addition, instead of fold it up, we had better hang it up in our wardrobes so that its smoothness will be maintained. And lastly, don't put moth repellant together with a woolen or cashmere scarf because the direct touch of the two items will erode the latter.

 The last secret is about how to wear a wool scarf. Actually, the way you wear your wool scarf also has something to do with the preservation of it. For example, you should take care to avoid abrasion of your wool scarf against other hard items such as the back of a chair or the strap of your leather bag. Still, don't wear it for too long a time to prevent fiber fatigue of the wool scarf.
 After knowing these, you no longer need to hesitate over the purchase of a wool scarf because of difficulty in preservation. In the cold winter, with a cashmere scarf around your neck, you can be as cool as before while keeping chill away from you.