Women Classic Winter Scarf
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Nowadays,the cotton knitted classic oversized neck scarf shawl is come into being popular in such winter days and wins warm praise from the young girls and ladies greatly.We really need such thick jacket coat or sweaters to help us resist the coldness,but you know, not every style stand-collar sweater is comfortable to wear,then,a winter handmade knitting cotton collar neck scarf shawl is absolutely a necessary single item and it is a great choice as a joker for girls and ladies.

Such a classic over sized knit cotton scarf shawl is a basic item for female friends,which is in unique design and leisure style,it is easy to wear and you can match it with your any dress-up at your will to looks fashion and cute,warm and ostentatious.The cotton wool shawl scarf is Knitting blends which gives you comfortable feeling.The texture of this item is made of pure cotton,which is not only soft and comfortable ,the more important point is to help you keep warm,and add a fashion warm feeling for your collar at the winter days.

 Maintenance instruction:
 1.Gently light wash when washing,Avoid the hard strength,Especially not with board brush,So as not to nap.Squeeze it after wash but not too force twist wring,and not soaking too long,or would effect the elasticity.
 2.Use the neutral detergent or low alkali detergent,and the temperature should not over pass 45.
 3.Avoiding dry in the sun too long,or it would fade the color and the elasticity,Youd better put in to the Ventilated place to dry it.When you wear it,As far as possible little ground, little pulling, in order to prolong its life.